Why Perform a Prenatal Test?

There may be a number of different reasons for performing this type of test. The following is a list on some of the general reasons.


Prenatal tests are performed to confirm the biological father of the child in advance of birth. This may be motivated by:

Needs for peace of mind :Where there is doubt about the paternity of the child, this may cause unnecessary stress during the pregnancy which can be removed through confirmation of the father.

Planning purposes e.g. parental care and responsibility

Legal requirements: Because laws in many states require unmarried couples to fill out a form known as an “Acknowledgment of Paternity” form at the time their childis born. This form is a legal document that acknowledges the identity

of the child’s biological father. In the event that this form remains incomplete, and the mother has not been married within the 300 days previous the birth of the child, no father will be listed on the birth certificate.

In some countries prenatal testing may not be legal or may require special documentation or permission. We strongly advise you to consult your legal advisor or local authorities regarding such matters before undertaking any prenatal testing.

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