Old Wives Tales for Baby Gender

It is perfectly normal to be curious about the sex of a baby and it is common to resort to baby prediction tests to appease curiosity. Couples can either choose to wait till the ultrasound which determines baby gender in a fairly accurate manner but which can provide wrong results. They might also wish to find out the gender earlier in the pregnancy – something which can easily establish by doing a DNA baby gender prediction test. Further to this parents can wait for the birth of the child and find out gender at birth.

Despite there being scientific ways of knowing the gender of the baby, old wives tales and myths still attract many expectant mothers and couples- it must be said, they seem quite intriguing and exciting. But then do you really want to rely on unfounded tests? Will you be making choices (for example, clothes and bedroom colour schemes) based upon the results of these myths and old wives tales? To keep in mind that these tests have a 50% chance of giving you the right answer. But then again, you might as well just make a hazarded guess at the sex of your baby as you will have a 50% chance of getting it right anyway. If you want accuracy then a 99% accurate and scientific DNA baby gender test is the best choice.

The Cabbage Test

This involves chopping and boiling a cabbage and supposedly the smaller you cut the chunks the better the results. Let the cabbage boil for ten minutes, then take a cup of the cabbage broth and go to the loo. Once in there, you are supposed to pee in a separate cup. Mix one part urine with one part cabbage broth and wait for the results. The urine-cabbage mixture should give one of two results: a purple colour, which indicates a girl or a pink colour which would indicate a boy. From a scientific perpective, the colour changes in the urine-cabbage mixture are due to a chemical found in cabbage which is sensitive to PH. People get different colour changes because the PH in urine can vary from person to person as well as on changes in diet. No hard scientific evidence that this test can predict baby gender!! It can however, tell you something about how acidic or alkaline your urine is: weren’t you always dying to know?

The Drano Test

Drano is a brand. It is well known in the USA but perhaps for those of us who live elsewhere it might seem more familiar if we refer it as sodium hydroxide or caustic soda- a highly alkaline salt that is extremely corrosive to many things including human flesh- a good start for a pregnant woman to be playing around with such chemicals. If you just feel you must do this baby gender test, then it is recommended you do it outdoors. Place 2 table spoons of Drano into a jar. Urinate in a separate jar and mix the Drano and the urine together. A vigorous exothermic reaction will ensue and lots of fumes will be given off. Once the fumes have cleared, the resultant solution will have turned brown if it is a boy or it will have remained colorless if it is a girl. From a scientific perspective, the resulting brown colour is just a chemical reaction and has nothing to do with whether you are expecting a boy or a girl.

The Chinese Calender

Most things “made in china” are somewhat dubious in quality. The Chinese gender chart is said to be over 90% accurate in telling you is you will have a boy or girl! This baby gender test is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The test requires the mother to find her age she will be when she gives birth and then tell her the sex of the baby she is carrying.

But unfortunately, despite there being so much information and hype about them, these baby gender prediction tests are nothing but what they calls themselves – myths and old wives tales.

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